Thursday, September 13, 2007

MIT Energy Club - Hidden Solar Resources

Over the years, the MIT Energy Club has accumulated a few great solar info resources. Please find a list below for your perusal:

MIT Energy Club IAP Course 2007: "Photovoltaics in 2012: What's Next in Photovoltaics Technology, Policy, and Economics" (Amazing overview slides primarily courtesy of MIT Prof. Tonio Buonassisi)

MIT Prof. Tonio Buonassisi's Solar Homepage (Excellent resource for people wanting to get into the field

MIT Energy Club Discussion 2007: "Solar: Thick vs Thin Film"
MIT Energy Club Discussion 2004: "Solar Power Overview"

MIT Energy Conference 2007: "Solar Power: A Path to Grid Parity"
- Slides
- Streaming Video

MIT Energy Conference 2006: "The Solar Panel: From a $10B Industry to a $100B Industry - How Will We Get There?"
- Slides & Streaming Video

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